Fair Launch

Be an early investor in the next revolution

Why PinkSale?

​https://www.pinksale.finance has helped raise over 230 Million dollars in liquidity for up-and-coming tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. We chose this platform to gain exposure to their investor communities and increase investor confidence for our own project investors. PinkSale is a third-party Platform, and its presale system is governed by smart contracts, meaning no human interaction is possible throughout the presale process, making it 100% SAFU for investors.

Where, when, how?

The fair launch will be carried out as follows: - At 2.30 pm UTC, on Saturday April the 23rd, investors will be allowed to contribute by following our unique PinkSale presale URL. Contributing is done through a button that will appear once the presale countdown reaches 0. Here are instructions on how to participate in a PinkSale presale: https://docs.pinksale.finance/investing/how-to-buy-a-presale - Once the fair launch is over, it will be finalized, and investors will be able to claim their tokens at the exact time of launch, as follows: https://docs.pinksale.finance/investing/how-to-claim-tokens - Our launch is planned for the next day, at 2.30pm UTC